The MetaInvaders


Welcome to the Club

The MetaInvaders is a revolutionary NFT collection on the  Ethereum blockchain. 9.999 MetaInvaders have been released upon the Ethereum network to invade the web3 and the metaverse.

MetaInvaders avatars are build for metaverse integration to give you the opportunity to adopt your own visual identity across the main metaverse places.

Owning a MetaInvader gives access to the MetaInvaders Club. A plateform accessible for NFT owners to download 3D Ready Kit for metaverse avatar integration.

Get access to a  community of web3 and metaverse enthusiast community. The Invaders are unique, generated randomly by an algorithm, based on +200 traits. Each of them got its own The Invaders are devided into 3 levels and 5 factions.

The Invasion begins.

Back in time, the Invaders came to earth in the late 70’s, bringing tools to develop new technologies for humans. They were just few of them to build up the bases of the two first wave of internet revolution. 
Now they’re back, working in secret to enhance the decentralization of the world. Web3 and metaverse are taking up humanity to the next level. Ready to develop new models to influence the way people are interacting.

Cute and powerful, the Happy, Malicious, Bored, Angry and Suspicious MetaInvaders have now decided to build a unique ecosystem that combines marvelous NFTs and DeFi.

The Invaders can be anyone and stand anywhere. Divided into levels and metaverse.

Building up a new world based on blockchain and decentralization for a better world. More power to people. No intermediary.

A new owned virtual world.

Meta Invaders 

The Artifacts

The Artifacts of the Invades are the lighthouse inside the community. It gives information anout the level which are divided in 3 groups : FOUNDERS | MASRERS | ULTIMATES

The Attitudes

Every Invaders borned with a attitude. It represents its main attitude and way of life. 

The Project

The MetaInvaders designed a full 3D avatars NFT collection. Each Invader is unique and got its own rarity. Every owner will be able to use it as a virtual identity on media from web2 (social medias) and web3 (metaverse).

The MetaInvaders are full rigged 3D avatars ready to use. Owner will have access to 3D Ready Kit to import their avatar into many metaverse across the place. 

Owner will get the full property of use and distribution of the piece of collection distributed. 


MetaInvaders 2022 – 2023 Roadmap


Yass Ad


Entrepreneur, Web3 and blockchain specialist

Zack Ad


Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru and Trend forecaster

Martin J.

(Art Director)

3D Artist Designer Brand Creator  

Emilian Vmtx

(Designer UX / UI )

UX design Graphiste



Web developer


(Motion Designer)

3D and design effects


(Community Manager)


The mint phase 1 will start from dec 7th and will be available on bandit network. please only use the mint URL shared on our website and our official Discord server.

9 999 MetaInvaders will be release in 3 phases.

No pre sales available. Only 100 NFTs released in phase 1 with many advantages listed in the roadmap for early holders. then phase 2 will occur early Q1’23 and phase 3 around end of Q1’23.

Definitely yes, buying a MetaInvaders NFT will grant you the right to claim your 3D avatars. Every month we’ll release 3D avatar spot for holders to deliver their NFT as a 3D avatar ready for metaverse. Using MetaMundo integration tool, the avatar will be accessible in most known  metaverse place.

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